Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pettiskirts and Candy Land

Happy Halloween!

Our company celebrated yesterday by having employee's kids come through our office to trick-or-treat.  Our floor decided to decorate conference rooms for the kids to go through.  It was a lot of fun.  I went with a Candy Land theme and found a lot of fun ideas on Pinterest and other blogs. 

I had planned on being Abby from NCIS for my costume, but when I decided on the Candy Land theme, I knew I needed to be a character from the game, so I was Princess Lolly instead!

I had the brilliant idea that I could sew a pettiskirt and it would be cheaper than buying one.  If you ever let that phrase cross through your mind, or think that it could cross your mind, let me just stop you right there.  It won't be cheaper, and it won't be easier.  It won't.  Trust me. 

I did a lot a research before I dove into this project and still decided to go forward with it.  I should have just bought the stupid thing.  The materials cost slightly less than purchasing a pettiskirt would...however, the amount of time putting it together did not cost less.  Just pay for the convenience of having someone else do it.

Here are a few resources:
For pettiskirts check out this site.  They have great color and size options.

If you still have not heeded my warning, Martha Stewart has instructions for putting a skirt together, and AFC-Express has pre-cut chiffon rolls.  There's at least a little convenience, but it costs about the same after shipping, plus you still have to spend your time and frustration.

I did get a cute skirt out of it, and neither my mom, sister or I, will have to look for a bright pink pettiskirt again.  Ahh...the bright side.



Candy Land was so fun to put together.  I gathered the candy and lots of vases and came up with a great room!

 I printed the oversized gum drops and peppermints on large paper and used cardboard cutouts to set up the candy pieces.  I purchase the remainder of the candy through Amazon.

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Dana Beam said...

So cute! And sorry about the skirt, but at least its cute!! I hate when projects just make things harder though, it makes it no fun.