Thursday, October 4, 2012

Give Together

I've been so MIA.  Mostly because I haven't spent much time focusing on any of my hobbies.  But, I have a few things in the works, with posts to come soon.  There will be Christmas posts, birthday posts, Countdown to 30 posts, Aunt Kitty posts--much to look forward to!

Yesterday, I gathered my wits about me and made time to bake cupcakes for my company's annual week-long event to raise funds and help charitable organizations around the world.  The cupcakes are for a cake-walk/cake-putt (it's my first year for the I think the cake-putt is to get the men to participate). 

I love that it's a cake-walk!  I have fond memories of my church's cake-walk during our fall festival.  Walking around the chairs, sitting quickly when the music stopped, they only played hymns of course, and then waiting eagerly as a number was called--hoping that I'd be the one to bring home a yummy cake for my family to enjoy!

Something tells me this one won't be quite as down to earth as that. 
Oh well, the cupcakes will be good.

And then, as an added bonus, my suggestions for how to wear a t-shirt you wouldn't normally wear to work...

Add a cute blazer, extra jewelry, pearl earings, jeans, boat shoes, and you're set.

With love.

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