Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Solving the Bedroom Problem

1. Similar Curtains   {2. Curtain Rod }   3. Tie Back   {4. Candle Sticks }   5. Red Velvet Pillow   6. Tray

When we registered for our wedding, out friends told us to “register for everything!”  I guess that wasn’t the best plan for us.  We registered for very pretty, red and gold bedding, but along with the china, and silverware, we didn’t get much of it.  I think we received one pillow sham.  So we made our bed with a set of sheets (which we did receive) and my comforter from college.  It was lovely.
Finally in 2007, I convinced my husband to let us take advantage of the employee bedding purchase program through the company I worked for.  All white, sheets, pillow cases, duvet insert, duvet, for about $250—what a deal!!
During an after Christmas sale at Crate & Barrel a few years ago, I decided it was time to add some color to our room.  So I purchased a set of red pillow shams from the Marimekko Tamara Red set shown above (no longer available).   But they were all alone in our room, and I was doing a poor job of trying to bring the room together.
And then, this weekend, 28. months. later. inspiration found me!  With gift cards and store credit, I was able to gather all of the above items!
I feel like this is a place in which we sleep now.  Before it was just the place we sleep.  Now it is our bedroom and we can feel comfortable there.  (I’m also secretly hoping for a more restful night’s sleep now that the curtains are in place!)
Pics soon!

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