Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Anchors Away My Boys!

Two years ago, we had the opportunity to stay at my former boss's home on Cape Cod over Thanksgiving.  It was a perfect get away at the time--no internet, no cable!  This is a gift for their home.  Not the dishes.  Those are mine.  The napkins!  When I saw Dear Stella's Anchors Away, I knew they would make a great addition to their summer nights on the Cape.

Of course, when I found out about "the Cape", I had not been working there long, and my boss had to travel to Boston for a funeral.  I asked what hotel he needed me to book, and since he was traveling, he quickly emailed me back and said, "don't need a hotel, have a house on the cape."  I'm sure he was giving his blackberry a "duh" look while he responded to my email.  From then on, we only ever referred to it as "the Cape", which I'm pretty sure actually means: escape-from-this-crazy-work-environment-where-no-one-ever-leaves-me-alone-so-I-have-to-go-to-"the-Cape"-to-get-anything-done.  But he was right.  You can hear yourself think there.

I purchased the fabric for the napkins from Fat Quarter Shop (one of my fave online quilt fabric shops!).

Homemade napkins are a simple way to add color to your table.  As long as I'm entertaining a small group, I always make plans to whip up a few napkins to customize my party.  Quilting fabric is much more durable than some of the cotton fabric you can buy at the craft store.  And one fat quarter is the perfect size for a napkin.

Just think of the possibilities!

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