Sunday, May 8, 2011

How God used BBQ Sauce to Teach Me to Trust Him

It's true.  BBQ sauce.

These days, I have a pretty strict budget at the grocery store.  If I can save any money, or even feed us for a week for $40, I'm thrilled.  But what about paper goods?  Shampoo?  Those things can add up pretty quickly.  It was when I was looking at the cost of these things today, that I became very overwhelmed in the store.  Almost to tears.  I had tried so hard to make sure that what I bought was frugally decided on.  One of those items was $1.29 storebrand BBQ sauce.

I had checked the ingredients, no HFCS.  So it was an acceptable purchase.  But when I was in the paper aisle, overwhelmed, I prayed, somewhat outloud (don't mind the crazy lady talking to herself, btw), for the Lord to reveal to me what in my grocery cart I could do without.  Two items, and one was the BBQ sauce. 

My arguement back was, of course, it's price.  Also, it was a key ingredient in the meal plan for the week.  Can't have BBQ beef sandwhiches with out it!  The Lord instructed that if I needed it, I could make it.  But I've never made BBQ sauce before.  I don't know how.  Chris won't like it, b/c it's not going to be real sauce.

Once I lost that arguement, I went to return the sauce and the other item.  Then I picked up a $.75 can of off brand tomato sauce.  I knew the recipe would call for apple cider vinegar, I've seen enough Travel Channel and Food Network restaurant shows to know that, but that was $1.29.  Didn't I just put back an item that cost $1.29??  Oh well.  Do it with out.


Yes Lord.

I saved a total of $27 today at the grocery store, and didn't spend my entire budget.  I came home and prepared to make BBQ sauce...and I found apple cider vinegar in the cabinet.