Sunday, May 8, 2011

How God used BBQ Sauce to Teach Me to Trust Him

It's true.  BBQ sauce.

These days, I have a pretty strict budget at the grocery store.  If I can save any money, or even feed us for a week for $40, I'm thrilled.  But what about paper goods?  Shampoo?  Those things can add up pretty quickly.  It was when I was looking at the cost of these things today, that I became very overwhelmed in the store.  Almost to tears.  I had tried so hard to make sure that what I bought was frugally decided on.  One of those items was $1.29 storebrand BBQ sauce.

I had checked the ingredients, no HFCS.  So it was an acceptable purchase.  But when I was in the paper aisle, overwhelmed, I prayed, somewhat outloud (don't mind the crazy lady talking to herself, btw), for the Lord to reveal to me what in my grocery cart I could do without.  Two items, and one was the BBQ sauce. 

My arguement back was, of course, it's price.  Also, it was a key ingredient in the meal plan for the week.  Can't have BBQ beef sandwhiches with out it!  The Lord instructed that if I needed it, I could make it.  But I've never made BBQ sauce before.  I don't know how.  Chris won't like it, b/c it's not going to be real sauce.

Once I lost that arguement, I went to return the sauce and the other item.  Then I picked up a $.75 can of off brand tomato sauce.  I knew the recipe would call for apple cider vinegar, I've seen enough Travel Channel and Food Network restaurant shows to know that, but that was $1.29.  Didn't I just put back an item that cost $1.29??  Oh well.  Do it with out.


Yes Lord.

I saved a total of $27 today at the grocery store, and didn't spend my entire budget.  I came home and prepared to make BBQ sauce...and I found apple cider vinegar in the cabinet.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Revisiting the garden

Last year, my balcony garden did not go so well.  Yes, I'm trying again.  And this time from seeds....


I purchased my seeds from Victory Seeds.  They were great--emailed me to check my address even.  This year, I didn't want to bite off more than I could chew (although I still probably purchased too many...) and I wanted to try to grow things I knew I would use.  So I purchased: Spinach (do you know how good spinach is for you??), Jalapenos, Cilantro, Basil, Salsa Tomatoes and Moneymaker Tomatoes.  In the photo above, my little seedlings are waiting for tomorrow's little bit of sunshine.  See...I purchased my seeds before I knew how much sun our balcony got.  Right now, it's a whopping 3 hours.  But You Grow Girl is growing tomatoes in her office!!  Surely I'll be able to grow a few tomatoes...even if they're small!  (Seeds-$11.00)

My other foray is in composting.  I tried composting last year, but that too went by the wayside.  As I have been trying to do better with food storage and not wasting money (more on that in another post), I decided I wanted to try composting again, that way, the food I forget to cook now will benefit us later.  Composters are expensive, so I bought a paint bucket at Home Depot and asked a nice man to drill holes in it for drainage.  I've tried and tried to understand the intricacies of composting, but I just don't think I'm there.  I do know however, that you are supposed to layer, rotate, water......and then use?  (Supplies-$11.97)

We'll see if we get anything edible out of this!


Reorganizing a bit, trying to focus my ideas and everything I'm working on.