Saturday, July 26, 2008

Things I love this weekend

I am co-planning a baby shower for a friend. I love this mobile from romp.
And what about these wall hanging for a great jungle themed room??

On the culinary side of things, salt and pepper mills from Jabou Design.

A Week Away

When I start a week, I always have lofty plans of what it will look like. Sunday night's plan for the week usually looks like this: get up early each morning to work out, go to the grocery store on Monday night with a quick, easy dinner, dinner at home on Tuesday and Wednesday night, Thursday is sales meeting that will inevitably cause me to be late, so we will go out for dinner, dinner in front of the tv with my hubby on Friday night, out on the town Saturday night. Usually, I am able to adhere to this plan, minus the morning workout.

This week was a disaster from the beginning. We did not get home on Sunday until 10:00 pm. We enjoyed the way we spent our time on Sunday, but I did not anticipate the late hour. After being gone for 15 hours, all I could think about was sleep. There was no time for planning.

Here is how the week ended up: Monday night we went to get new shoes for my sweet boy and had dinner our. Tuesday night, he worked late and then we met with our insurance agent to go over our insurance policies. This turned out to be a very productive meeting. And we had dinner out. Wednesday night I had my golf lesson and it poured rain during my drive home. Finally made it home around 10:00 pm. Thursday my office had a happy hour. Which brings me to Friday where I made spaghetti for a night in front of the tv. I think I was in bed asleep by 9:30.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What I've been up to...

Most of my time has been taken up by this beautiful building (so you have to turn your head sideways....)

This is the hotel I have worked at for a year and a half...and it opens for the first time in 5 weeks. Pretty incredible. I am there a lot.

I started golf lessons this week. I'm terrible. No really, I do not think they will ever let me on a golf course. The coach is sweet though. She keeps saying, "good try!" even though I know she is lying. Worth the drive though.

Favorites from the weekend:

We bowled this weekend. Cosmic bolwing. We even came up with our own bowling names: Socks, Bubs, Noodles, and Y'all. If we were a team and had shirts, we would have the coolest names ever.

Had dinner at Pho Dat Thanh which, as far as we know, is good Vietnamese food. But we have never had anything else, so who knows?

Today we went to the farmers market for the first time! It is only on Sundays and we are always at church on Sundays. We went with some people from my office. Such a good time! We got: corn, pickles, jalapenos, garlic, bbq sauce, red pepper relish, seasoning, a pork shoulder, blueberries, onions. Its gonna be some good eats coming out of my kitchen tonight. Then we went to Blue Moon Cafe and waited 2 hours to be seated. But it was worth it though...cinnamon buns and omelets. It was featured on a show on Food Network a while back. I am still stuffed.