Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well I Declare!

When I am bored, with nothing to do, you will never hear me say, "Maybe I should clean up the kitchen!" Cleaning is never at the top of my list. I am not very good at picking up after myself. Chris often gets upset with me at the end of a day because I have left my water glass from dinner on the table. To me, what is the difference if I put it up now or tomorrow?

Then, there is my side of the bed vs. his side of the bed. His: nicely organized. On his night stand: kleenex, cell phone, book, lamp. Floor: plenty of space to walk. Mine: pretty messy. On my night stand: books, jewelry, lotion, bottle of water, lamp, note pad, clock, cell phone, papers I need to remember. Floor: clothes, magazines to pick through, stationery, get the idea. It is not that I am dirty, just messy.

Every year for my birthday Chris offers to get me a maid. "What a great gift!" you say. Yes! It absolutely is! But I only have 800 square feet of apartment! How ridiculous is it that I can not keep such a small space clean. I really am much better than I used to be. When Chris and I were in college, my floor would be completely covered. I mean, not even a path to the door.

This year, the offer was on the table again. If I say "yes" it is admitting defeat, and I am determined to conquer this inadequacy. Even if it takes me all my life!!

In an effort to become a better cleaner, I declare this week to be SPRING CLEANING WEEK! I have chores for each day when I come home from work. I will post my progress to prove my work and hope that I will gain some brownie points with my neat freak of a husband.