Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Weekend

In our house I have very little control over the remote. If it were me, we would be gripped by the culinary expert of the Food Network. Alton Brown and I? We have a bond that goes beyond the fork. I learn so much from that man... But I do not have control over the tv controls and my husband insists on watching sports. His motto is, "If it ain't sports, it ain't right." We have had many discussions about what television shows we will allow our children to watch. Most of those discussions end in, "Sports only." When he is home, I surrender my desire for the next "30 Minute Meal".

Much of our weekend was devoted to opening weekend. All three games on Saturday were recorded, and Sunday, we are catching up. We have avoided finding out the scores, mind you. This tradition started three years ago, when my husband began working for the dynasty known as "DC United". I've never heard of that baseball team, you wonder to yourself. No. It is not baseball. It is "football. futbol. soccer."--The sport that has taken my husband's attention from most things American. I must admit though, I appreciate the two hour time span and the fact that it is not yet commercialized. The sportscasters do not spend weeks upon weeks building up a game or team with stupid questions and endless analysis.

One of the questions my husband poses to me each year is, "What do you think of the new jerseys?" The jersey is very significant to a team and its fans. Chris has told me the story about DC United changing their main jersey to white instead of black one year and they lost everything (or something like that). All I know is, the main jersey is black. And most fans wear black. Black, not white.

In honor of Opening Weekend I am posting my favorite jerseys. It has nothing to do with allegiance. I enjoy the colors, and that is the extent of it.

I love this blue color. It has a calming effect on me when I look at it. And really, David Beckham in the jersey has nothing to do with it!

I like the orange and light blue color combination. When Houston became a new team, I was really pulling for these colors. I am not, however, impressed with the blue ribbon down the but. It looks strange and it doesn't line up with the blue ribbon as it continues down the back of the shorts. Houston also has an orange jersey with the blue, but it is the hot orange like the markers I used to play with when I was a kid.

I really like this color with the light blue stripes. They also have a jersey that is light blue with maroon stripes, but I like the blue as an accent color here.

As you can see, I am drawn to light blue. (Our living room is light blue.) I have always loved light blue and red together. At you can design your own shoes. Mine would be light blue and red. These colors run deep.

Of course, you can purchase any of these jerseys at