Thursday, August 7, 2008

What happened to Jessica Biel?

Is it just me, or does she look really terrible these days?

Greening the wardrobe

Loved the green tonight!
Shoes from PiperLime Max Studio; stationery from Etsy thesweetunfolding; ring from etsy phoebestreasure; gorgeous green jewelry from etsy eninaj; great jacket from j.crew; chet sofa from CB2; apple green silk damask pillow from etsy tableforeight.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Things I love this weekend

I am co-planning a baby shower for a friend. I love this mobile from romp.
And what about these wall hanging for a great jungle themed room??

On the culinary side of things, salt and pepper mills from Jabou Design.

A Week Away

When I start a week, I always have lofty plans of what it will look like. Sunday night's plan for the week usually looks like this: get up early each morning to work out, go to the grocery store on Monday night with a quick, easy dinner, dinner at home on Tuesday and Wednesday night, Thursday is sales meeting that will inevitably cause me to be late, so we will go out for dinner, dinner in front of the tv with my hubby on Friday night, out on the town Saturday night. Usually, I am able to adhere to this plan, minus the morning workout.

This week was a disaster from the beginning. We did not get home on Sunday until 10:00 pm. We enjoyed the way we spent our time on Sunday, but I did not anticipate the late hour. After being gone for 15 hours, all I could think about was sleep. There was no time for planning.

Here is how the week ended up: Monday night we went to get new shoes for my sweet boy and had dinner our. Tuesday night, he worked late and then we met with our insurance agent to go over our insurance policies. This turned out to be a very productive meeting. And we had dinner out. Wednesday night I had my golf lesson and it poured rain during my drive home. Finally made it home around 10:00 pm. Thursday my office had a happy hour. Which brings me to Friday where I made spaghetti for a night in front of the tv. I think I was in bed asleep by 9:30.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What I've been up to...

Most of my time has been taken up by this beautiful building (so you have to turn your head sideways....)

This is the hotel I have worked at for a year and a half...and it opens for the first time in 5 weeks. Pretty incredible. I am there a lot.

I started golf lessons this week. I'm terrible. No really, I do not think they will ever let me on a golf course. The coach is sweet though. She keeps saying, "good try!" even though I know she is lying. Worth the drive though.

Favorites from the weekend:

We bowled this weekend. Cosmic bolwing. We even came up with our own bowling names: Socks, Bubs, Noodles, and Y'all. If we were a team and had shirts, we would have the coolest names ever.

Had dinner at Pho Dat Thanh which, as far as we know, is good Vietnamese food. But we have never had anything else, so who knows?

Today we went to the farmers market for the first time! It is only on Sundays and we are always at church on Sundays. We went with some people from my office. Such a good time! We got: corn, pickles, jalapenos, garlic, bbq sauce, red pepper relish, seasoning, a pork shoulder, blueberries, onions. Its gonna be some good eats coming out of my kitchen tonight. Then we went to Blue Moon Cafe and waited 2 hours to be seated. But it was worth it though...cinnamon buns and omelets. It was featured on a show on Food Network a while back. I am still stuffed.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The things we've done in 3 years

On Wednesday this week, we celebrate 3 years of marriage together. This one amazes me. It's hard to believe that we are no longer newly weds. We have history. We have stories. I love this man, and I am blessed that he loves me in return. Lord knows that I don't deserve it. I make mistakes and I am not perfect. I strive everyday to be the wife he needs me to be.

In review:

The places he has taken me:
New York City
Niagara Falls
Washington, DC

The big decisions we have made:
Buy a new car
Buy new furniture
Change jobs
Move apartments
Find a church

The triumphs in the kitchen:
Thanksgiving chicken
Christmas Eve lasagna
Easter lamb
Fried chicken fingers
Pork chops

The things we love:
Saturday breakfast
On The Border
Walking around a new city
DC United games
Spending time with friends
Being lazy
Country music

The shows we watch:
How I Met Your Mother
CSI (the original)
Lost Vegas
Burn Notice
Family Guy

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Celebrating 25

I turned 25 last week. It was a big day. And some of my favorite places wanted to help me celebrate. I received 4 free gifts over email: Free dessert or empanadas at On the Border; Free dinner with the purchase of a dinner at Texas de Brasil; free dessert at The Melting Pot; and a free bath/body gift from Sephora. What could be better than that? All I had to do was give them some info and I got free stuff!

We also celebrated at Pazo in Baltimore, then later to Vacarro's for dessert. Yummy! Vacarro's makes the best cannolis in the world. You should try them.

I received 2 new cookbooks from my mother (she has encouraged my passion for cooking). They are by Anne Byrn. The Cake Mix Doctor and What Can I Bring? Perfect additions for my kitchen! I can't wait to try them out on my office and our dinner group.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Well I Declare!

When I am bored, with nothing to do, you will never hear me say, "Maybe I should clean up the kitchen!" Cleaning is never at the top of my list. I am not very good at picking up after myself. Chris often gets upset with me at the end of a day because I have left my water glass from dinner on the table. To me, what is the difference if I put it up now or tomorrow?

Then, there is my side of the bed vs. his side of the bed. His: nicely organized. On his night stand: kleenex, cell phone, book, lamp. Floor: plenty of space to walk. Mine: pretty messy. On my night stand: books, jewelry, lotion, bottle of water, lamp, note pad, clock, cell phone, papers I need to remember. Floor: clothes, magazines to pick through, stationery, get the idea. It is not that I am dirty, just messy.

Every year for my birthday Chris offers to get me a maid. "What a great gift!" you say. Yes! It absolutely is! But I only have 800 square feet of apartment! How ridiculous is it that I can not keep such a small space clean. I really am much better than I used to be. When Chris and I were in college, my floor would be completely covered. I mean, not even a path to the door.

This year, the offer was on the table again. If I say "yes" it is admitting defeat, and I am determined to conquer this inadequacy. Even if it takes me all my life!!

In an effort to become a better cleaner, I declare this week to be SPRING CLEANING WEEK! I have chores for each day when I come home from work. I will post my progress to prove my work and hope that I will gain some brownie points with my neat freak of a husband.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Weekend

In our house I have very little control over the remote. If it were me, we would be gripped by the culinary expert of the Food Network. Alton Brown and I? We have a bond that goes beyond the fork. I learn so much from that man... But I do not have control over the tv controls and my husband insists on watching sports. His motto is, "If it ain't sports, it ain't right." We have had many discussions about what television shows we will allow our children to watch. Most of those discussions end in, "Sports only." When he is home, I surrender my desire for the next "30 Minute Meal".

Much of our weekend was devoted to opening weekend. All three games on Saturday were recorded, and Sunday, we are catching up. We have avoided finding out the scores, mind you. This tradition started three years ago, when my husband began working for the dynasty known as "DC United". I've never heard of that baseball team, you wonder to yourself. No. It is not baseball. It is "football. futbol. soccer."--The sport that has taken my husband's attention from most things American. I must admit though, I appreciate the two hour time span and the fact that it is not yet commercialized. The sportscasters do not spend weeks upon weeks building up a game or team with stupid questions and endless analysis.

One of the questions my husband poses to me each year is, "What do you think of the new jerseys?" The jersey is very significant to a team and its fans. Chris has told me the story about DC United changing their main jersey to white instead of black one year and they lost everything (or something like that). All I know is, the main jersey is black. And most fans wear black. Black, not white.

In honor of Opening Weekend I am posting my favorite jerseys. It has nothing to do with allegiance. I enjoy the colors, and that is the extent of it.

I love this blue color. It has a calming effect on me when I look at it. And really, David Beckham in the jersey has nothing to do with it!

I like the orange and light blue color combination. When Houston became a new team, I was really pulling for these colors. I am not, however, impressed with the blue ribbon down the but. It looks strange and it doesn't line up with the blue ribbon as it continues down the back of the shorts. Houston also has an orange jersey with the blue, but it is the hot orange like the markers I used to play with when I was a kid.

I really like this color with the light blue stripes. They also have a jersey that is light blue with maroon stripes, but I like the blue as an accent color here.

As you can see, I am drawn to light blue. (Our living room is light blue.) I have always loved light blue and red together. At you can design your own shoes. Mine would be light blue and red. These colors run deep.

Of course, you can purchase any of these jerseys at